Thursday, February 2, 2012

religion and politics. what up.

religion and politics.
touchy, touchy.
ron paul is coming to bethel university this saturday.
it got me thinking about my political view points and what is considered okay for a [cookie cutter] christian.
majority of people here at bethel are on the conservative/republican side.
republican politicians are the first ones to throw God out there on the campaign trail.
i feel like it is assumed that as a christian, you must adhere to republican beliefs.
me? not so much.
there is this quote floating around that goes along the lines of:
i'm not a democrat despite my faith, i am a democrat because of my faith.
and while i don't call myself a democrat, this fits me.

i can't for the life of me even consider being a republican because of my understanding of the Bible. i think that the Bible has over arching themes like, oh i don't know...compassion, forgiveness, love, justice, generosity, and peace. i think that these common themes throughout the entirety of the Bible speak more than say, the 4 out of 31,103 verses on "homosexuality" (which by the way, i don't agree with either).  and i honestly believe he meant it when he said "love your neighbor as yourself" and what "you do to the least of these, you do to me", so i believe in things like universal healthcare, welfare programs and gay rights. because i won't ever put my cash flow above other peoples lives.when he said give all you have to the poor, i think he meant that too even though i fall short of following through with this every single damn day, you can call me a hypocrite all you want. i'm an imperfect person.

my understanding of the Bible leads me to the conclusion that gay marriage is freaking fabulous, universal health care is a must, welfare programs are necessary, higher taxes for the wealthy for the greater good is a swell idea, capital punishment is a no-no, and stem-cell research deserves a chance. because of my understanding of the Bible, i also can't see how christians support the war. 

i'm not saying that everyone has to agree with me. sometimes i don't even agree with me. but i just don't understand how people who claim to be christians can think otherwise. if someone is not a christ follower and doesn't agree with a lot of the things i said that is fine with me. they have perfectly rational explanations for why they believe what they believe, and have different priorities and reasoning, ie capital punishment and tax dollars. perfectly good reasoning. i agree with it, sure it probably is a pain in the ass to have to pay for them to sit in jail when we could just kill them, but hey, i think those people are worth something not just to me, but to God. and i respect people that have other opinions, just don't say it in the name of God. i also have my own set of rational reasons that i won't talk about because this is just about religion and politics and my issue (one of many) that i have with the christian church. i think some people need to take a step back and ask themselves if they believe what they do because someone told them, or because of their own personal research (i'm talking about the Bible here). 

there are just so many inconsistencies. and i know i'm an imperfect person, but the body of the church just upsets me to the point that i don't want to be associated with it. and maybe i'm just being a little to harsh. i own up to being an imperfect person, and the whole church is made up of all these imperfect people, chopping up to one big ball of imperfection. but still. this is my blog. a place to vent. a place where i can be wrong and it's okay. because it's mine. a place for my thoughts, my beliefs, and my frustrations. this blog is a place i can talk my shit out. so i don't care if i sound stupid, or it didn't make sense. i don't care if i didn't articulate myself well enough for you. this made sense to me, lol, that is all that matters.

with all that being said, i'm willing to be proven wrong. email me or comment and let's talk about this. 

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