Wednesday, February 29, 2012

hey, i could be worse.

do you follow me on twitter?
if not, you should.
and if you do, you know a dirty little secret of mine.
i broke my Make It Work weekly goal of not eating out!
yep, it took me all of one day. i didn't even think about it.
my roommates' response:
"you asked your readers "are you with me"... well, are you with you?"
i'm an imperfect person, sorry to disappoint you.

if you follow my twitter you would also know that it was not an enjoyable experience.
it was good seeing my best friend,
but not good hearing two men sit in a restaurant and chew tobacco.
i mean, they were straight up hacking it up.
and in between coughing up each individual lung, these gems were bragging about who has the better arrest story.
one of them was handcuffed, searched, and when nothing was found the police officer took off the cuffs and apologized.
but, the guy thought it was so funny because he actually had heroin on him the cop didn't find.
ain't he cute?
it was horrible.
everyone could hear them and the waitress didn't even bother saying anything.
like "hey, do you mind not vomiting into that cup every thirty seconds?"
i'm disappointed with you perkins.

Monday, February 27, 2012


coffee cup in hand, i can officially say i am a college senior.
i've been a senior for a while, but last night i had my first allnighter of the year.
say hello to my classics in western political philosophy midterm.
thirteen quality pages of plato, aristotle and augustine.
that is debatable.
these are now my least favorite people.


anywho. it is officially monday.
cue the boo's, the cries, and the uncomfortably dramatic sighs.
mondays make me feel like this:

but, you know what monday means.

make it work monday!

this week, i challenge you to skip eating out.
yeah buddy, SKIP IT.
that means no fast food.
i'm talking to you, missy.
because what is so wrong about a home cooked meal?
besides the occasional salmonella.
i've been wanting to cut out fast food completely and save eating out to special occasions only.
i can't trust what is in some of these meals.
it is too easy.
mass production and mass distribution of some of these things is just... ick.
there is no appreciation for the work that goes in to the meal.
i'm completely serious, i would vote in favor of all fast food restaurants closing.
(don't use that against me 20 years from now. kthanks.)

so. let's take it one week at a time.
this week will be a little trial run.
you smokin' what i'm rollin'?
so let's give our bodies a break this week from all that gross stuff.
strive to make a good ole healthy homemade meal.
or just eat ramen all week.
just don't eat out.
baby steps.

you in this week?

Saturday, February 25, 2012

"bill gates... speaking of my former boss"

i'm not even going to pretend that i don't know i've been slacking on blogging.
i've been a busy girl though. 
ya know, last week i made a pizza.
that is tough stuff.

this week i had my work review, homework, work, and met dr. rajiv shah.
oh - you don't know who that is?
lemme introduce you.
or better yet, let wikipedia introduce you.
because i'm too lazy.

here is a picture with him and one of my favorite people ever:

and i touched him.
so basically i'm best friends with rahm emmanuel and obama. 
we get it, i'm pretty freaking fantastic.
along with the other forty students invited to meet him.

some day, i'm going to be just as cool as rajiv.
[yes, we are on a first name basis. that whole 20 seconds of undivided attention really bonded us.]
i'm going to make a whole room giggle when i say:
"... and bill gates, speaking of my former boss"

color me cray cray, but there was a time in my life when i lived in a trailer park.
okay, i was six.
but still. and now i'm meeting people like this?

Thursday, February 23, 2012

wedding wednesday. pinteresting wedding.

i'm so original with my title, aren't i?
double the fun.
yesterday marked three and a half months until our wedding.
yesterday i had like a solid half hour where i had caught the wedding bug and decided to do some work.
i used these thirty minutes wisely.
i called the caterer (who i emailed last week and never emailed me back) and she told me she would email me today with a final number and dates she is available to meet up again. we will see if that actually happens.
i also called hennepin county to chat a little bit about the marriage license/having my grandfather officiate.
lastly i called counselling services here at bethel to talk about premarital counselling.
they only have one time slot available: tuesdays at 1pm.
lame sauce. 
i also got together a list for fancy to get addresses so we can have our invitations addressed.

a big thing i need to get done is flowers.
this makes me want to pull my hair out.
something is telling me i didn't originally budget enough for this department. 

bouquet inspirations:
the top one is obviously for bridesmaids.
i'm loving babys breath.

because we are having a cute little brunch reception, how adorable would it be to use these instead of champagne flutes? especially considering we are having a nice coffee bar.

oh i'm so out of it lately.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

i've been busy making pizzas.

well hello there!
it has been a while, this i know.
so far this semester is super busy.
slash i'm actually doing my homework.
not to mention, i got this whole wedding planning thing going on.
but this past weekend was fun!
the fiance and i baked our own pizza. it went a little like this:

see? i'm so italian with my classico pizza sauce.

sunday ryan and i went to mass at a spanish speaking church.
it was interesting to say the least.
we were supposed to meet with a nun there prior to the service, but unfortunately she was at a funeral.
this meant we had an hour to kill until mass actually started.
so we found ourselves the closest grocery store and bought ourselves breakfast.
best. morning. ever.
maybe it was the donuts. maybe it was the orange juice. but i think it was the company.
i honestly had such a great time with him.

and, last but not least...
sunday we printed our wedding invitations!
here is a teaser:

yes, i'm a sneaky one and made it a lil blurry.

so as you can see, i've been a very busy lady.
ya know, with making pizzas and everything.
pinky promise that i'm jumping right back on my blogging train now.

i was so misguided thinking minnesota wouldn't have any snow this winter.
i just about died (not exaggerating) driving home last night.
i was hunched over the wheel in complete silence, praying i wouldn't get in an accident the entire drive.
i even turned off the windshield defroster because it was making too much noise.

Friday, February 17, 2012

lessons learned this week.

1. You never grow out of Dr. Seuss.

2. (This one has been a process and I'm finally ready to come to terms with it)
"Ladies Drink Free" nights suck and should be renamed the following:
"Ladies you can drink free but only if a) you make it clear you're going to give a fabulous tip, b) we get to you, because really we serve penises first and foremost because they pay us nights" 
Last night, all I wanted was a damn Sprite!

3. A 7:40am class really is too early.

4. Laundry doesn't magically do itself, much to my dismay. 
My current floordrobe is evidence of this.

5. Bookstores make everything right.
a kiwi fruit flown from new zealand to britain emits five times its own weight in greenhouse gasses.
from: the new book i got at the bookstore that made everything right!

6. Panda's make everything better. 
oh my gosh i can't stop!

my personal favorite because it is SO true:

7. I'm easily distracted. I just unintentionally took an hour break from this blog looking at the site with those panda meme's. So silly.

8. My fiance thinks the "horse riding" look is hot. Hmm. 

9. As a senior, I'm finally starting to think maybe I have learned something in college after all.  

10. School sucks out all evidence of me being a creative being. Seriously, I got nothing for ya.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

oh, dr. seuss, you political genius.

there is nothing like starting your day off with a little dr. seuss.
am i right or am i right?
i'm right.
today, my absolutely favorite professor GW Carlson started class off with reading time.
that's right ladies and gentlemen, i'm a senior in college that starts her days off with reading time.
GW read the Butter Battle Book.

which is all about antiwar, and predominantly the arms race.
all of our bubbles were burst when we realized that all of dr. seuss' books have political not-so undertones.
how the grinch stole christmas is all about anti-materialism.
the lorax is about environmentalism.
the sneeches about racial equality.
horton hears a who is about anti-isolationism.
love me some dr. seuss and the fact that my parents started the brainwashing process at an early age.
honestly though, it was a great way to start my day.
it made me a little less crabby, which means the following letter is definitely less harsh than i was previously planning:

you are so sweet and your food is so yummy.
get your shit together so i can put it in my tummy.
i'm not giving you a dime.
unless you call me back on time.

seriously though. 
this woman is going to be the death of me.
she has yet to get us a solid number for our wedding reception.
i'm already stressed out enough, i don't need this.
so i'm praying that she gets back to me with a final price.
that she makes me those desserts that she promised me.

you should pray too. deal?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

wifed up.

i think the definition of being wifed up is getting a cookbook for valentines day.
that's okay. i'm a fan. 
you heard me right people, fancy got me one of those classic better homes and garden cook books.
you know the one, we all do.

15th edition people, we aren't joking.
i spent majority of the night looking through it, fantasizing over having my own kitchen and cooking.
a girl can dream.
i'm one of the least domestic broads out there.
but he decided he still wanted me. 
and we're getting hitched in less than four months.
which makes me want to shit myself happy.

so - i'm sure you all didn't forget what today is. 
pinteresting wednesday!
because i'm on a recipe/cooking kick, this week it is all about food and recipes.

what i'm adding to my cook book:

click the pics to the original pinterest post. 

no bake energy bites.

twinkies on a stick - OKAY HOW CUTE ARE THESE?!

toasted ravioli with marinara. sign me up. 

cake batter rice crispy treats. (yes, i'm talking to you jeffrey)

smores bars.

can you tell i'm fat craving sweets?
i sure can. 

Monday, February 13, 2012

make it work monday.

ah! last week was a total failure.
i planned on doing yoga everyday but yoga every day ended up being half of a yoga session... once.
guess that's the result of being sick for a week.
the great news is that even without yoga, my body was working so hard to get better, and i lost a couple lbs!
but whatever, new week, new emphasis, new goals, new chapter.

let's make this week as simple as possible, shall we?
courtesy of pinterest (greatest invention ever):

easy peasy, lemon squeezy!
this week, what are you doing to better yourself?
i hope you join in.


Thursday, February 9, 2012

perks of having a cold.

i am such a baby when it comes to being sick.
i mean, there are often times tears involved.
yes, that bad people.
and yesterday i was sick in bed.
but there are a three clear perks to being sick:
1) you have an excuse to lay in bed naked all day.
2) it is totally acceptable to watch netflix for 7 hours straight.
3) if you are are lucky enough your fiance will serve you breakfast Robitussin in bed.
4) you lose three pounds in three days because your body is working so hard to kick the colds butt.

even though i am not feeling the best today, i'm back to real life.
this includes class, work, pants and showering.
on the bright side, the fancy and i are going to a minnesota wild hockey game tonight.

even though i hate hockey, i love live hockey games.
i love sporting events in general, how excited everyone gets is hilarious.
hearing people ram into each other is also quite entertaining.

la de da.
i have nothing else to say to you, except i am so freaking happy tomorrow is friday.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

the struggle and pinteresting wednesday.

i have this internal struggle happening.
trying to find my style.
i'm sure at least a portion of the ladies out there can relate to this issue.
so i decided to do a mash up of pinteresting wednesday and a discussion of this struggle.


you ready?
can you handle it?! 

my competing style inspirations:

see my problem?
i can't decide between careless, casual, preppy, feminine or boyfriend, tattoos or cardigans, mature or whimsical.
it's an issue. 
especially in the tattoo department.
i love tattoo's, i really do. i don't want a sleeve, but still, only so many tattoos look okay with those last two outfits.
do you ever struggle with this?
wanting to be a leather wearing, middle finger in the air type of girl, but at the same time a  pearl wearing proper?