Wednesday, February 15, 2012

wifed up.

i think the definition of being wifed up is getting a cookbook for valentines day.
that's okay. i'm a fan. 
you heard me right people, fancy got me one of those classic better homes and garden cook books.
you know the one, we all do.

15th edition people, we aren't joking.
i spent majority of the night looking through it, fantasizing over having my own kitchen and cooking.
a girl can dream.
i'm one of the least domestic broads out there.
but he decided he still wanted me. 
and we're getting hitched in less than four months.
which makes me want to shit myself happy.

so - i'm sure you all didn't forget what today is. 
pinteresting wednesday!
because i'm on a recipe/cooking kick, this week it is all about food and recipes.

what i'm adding to my cook book:

click the pics to the original pinterest post. 

no bake energy bites.

twinkies on a stick - OKAY HOW CUTE ARE THESE?!

toasted ravioli with marinara. sign me up. 

cake batter rice crispy treats. (yes, i'm talking to you jeffrey)

smores bars.

can you tell i'm fat craving sweets?
i sure can. 


Jeffrey said...

Love it, ok send me the recipe for the Cake Batter Rice Krispies! Love You! Jeffrey

SimplyHeather said...

Yummy ! all these recipes are making me want to run to the store and buy all the supplies to bake these myself. hehehe

Jennifer M. said...

Yum! Those rice krispy treats look amazing!!